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Some alternate states of consciousness can    
 pertain to alternate Dimensions of Existence     


          This ILLUMINOSITY Foundation exists, principally, in support of Metaphorical Psychology, a philosopy which extends from our ordinary pragmatic physical reality on into a purely metaphysical one and in two directions--both priorly and beyond as alternate Dimensions. Metaphorical Psychology, thus, is all encompassing. It maps consciousness in its entirety.  
          As an introduction to this Web site, shown below further down this page, is a depiction of a static representation of the infinite Infinities of the 2nd Dimension occurring as a dynamic Matrix field. The 2nd Dimension is a realm of existence which is possible to visit and to experience in a wholly alternate state of consciousness from "normal." And it is a condition of consciousness (that is to say, of Existence, itself) which we are all from. We were once entirely there. It was where we lived.
          The 2nd Dimension is the first stage of the manifestation of the Universe. However, it contains no extent of materiality, or substance, or solidity, whatsoever. In a sense, it is but thought, being made of but only pure mind stuff.
          We, here, at the ILLUMINOSITY Foundation, like to call each starlike hexagonal element shown in the display, a 
Monad. Note the many encirclements of sets of six and twelve Monads radiating from the center of the displayed image. They start from a minuscule scale to as large as can be shown. There, also, can be seen numerous various repeating patterns which are reduplicated on every scale. There are triangular and diamond shaped sets of perfectly positioned Monads in many different locations, too. They are all precisionly placed where they are so as to be able to produce the overall totally integrated structure--the viewable overall pattern. 

          Further explanation about the 2nd Dimension can be seen by clicking anywhere on the Matrix image below. Even more further information can be found in the Metaphorical Psychology section of this Web site. Also resident there is extensive information about the other seven Dimensions of the Universe, as well.

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CLICK the two images below to view a far more detailed  Matrix field    
presentation and to see a general explanation and other information.   

Most all images on this Web site provide new effects when clicked.  


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